Bishops Stortford Dermalogica Facials by Beauty@Home

Dermalogica as a brand rests firmly on a product line that is free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts. Their products are focused on improving skin health with treatments administered by trained skin therapy professionals. Dermalogica’s specialised training sets an industry standard and allows me to achieve Expert and Specialist status to bring you the very best in Dermalogica facials, skincare treatments and product advice.

Our Dermalogica facials offer solutions for all skin types. Treat yourself to a therapy session that will treat your skin effectively and answer any skin related questions you may have.

Perscription Facial - A complete skin overhaul to get to root of your concerns - A consultation will take place to find out about the condition of your skin and any problems you are currently experiencing. Your therapist will then create a unique facial to treat your skin’s condition based on her expert skin care and product knowledge. Aftercare advice and products are available to continue on the good results at home.

45 Mins - £35

MediBac Deep Cleansing Facial - One of the best Dermalogica facials for problematic skins or anyone suffering from adult acne, this treatment deeply cleanses acne, oily and congested skin. This deep cleansing includes steam and extractions.

60 Mins - £45

UltraCalming Facial - Soothing facial that gently treats inflamed or sensitive skin (Rosacea included). The treatment uses a calming oatmeal masque with steam to instantly reduce redness and inflammation.

60 Mins - £45

AgeSmart Facial - Prevention and Repair - Ideal Dermalogica facial to reduce the signs of ageing on mature skin, and slow down signs of ageing on younger skin. Includes Intense Resurfacing treatment for those with dry skin with fine lines and wrinkles for an immediate smoothed appearance.

60 Mins - £45